Small Business Success – What to Tweet on Twitter?

You’ve come to accept that your small business success is connected to being visible on Twitter and other social media platforms. You’ve decided to take the plunge, but you’re concerned that you don’t know what to say.  You’ve  ‘lurked’ for a while in order to see how people interact on Twitter, you’ve signed up for a Twitter account…but you’re still not sure what to tweet on Twitter.

Congratulations on taking a step forward and adding Twitter to your marketing strategies!

The key is to remember that this is a part of your social media marketing.  You must first be social, and you do this by joining the conversation that has already started on a topic that you want to become known for.  It means that if people are talking about a topic in your niche and you feel that you can contribute something of value to the conversation, you would want to go ahead and do so. You do this by sending out a tweet in reply to the person who generated the conversation you want to join, or to a particular comment on the topic.

On the other hand, you can start your own conversation and ask questions in order to get others involved.  Don’t be disappointed if you do not get immediate responses as you will have only a small amount of followers initially.  Also keep in mind that the timeline goes by very quickly.  As you develop relationships with others on Twitter, you’ll find that they’ll retweet what you said, and when they do, it allows their followers to learn about you.  Some of those may decide to become your followers on Twitter.

For small business success, you should have a blog and be blogging regularly.  You can send people on Twitter to  your blog, but first tell them why they may find the topic interesting.  At the same time you would not only want to focus on your own blog as people will pick up on this and feel that you’re only interested in driving traffic to your website.

One way to continue to build relationships while providing value is to make the time to read two or three other blogs each day; or perhaps at first that’s all you can do each week.  When you find informative posts, share these with your followers in tweets on Twitter.  At the same time you begin to build relationships with the owners of those blogs to which you’re sending traffic.  Later on you can leverage those relationships by inviting someone to be your guest blogger, guest blogging for someone, joint ventures, and increase your reach online.

As a small business owner you could set up and maintain your Twitter and other social media accounts yourself.  However, many business owners find that their attempts to continue fail because they do not have the time. To learn more about the services we offer, go to:

In my next post we’ll talk about tools you can use to leverage your time and provide good content for your followers.



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